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Material Handling Solutions for a Variety of Needs
By offering a wide range of vibrator designs using different motive forces and vibration profiles, Deca can help you accommodate a broad range of material handling needs.

With low cost-of-operation, adjustable output forces, and diverse frequency/amplitude combinations, Deca Electric Vibrators provide a cost-effective long-term answer for continuous-duty applications:
  • Moderate-to-high-frequency rotary electric vibrators provide the most cost-efficient performance in continuous operations.
  • Low frequency, high-amplitude electromagnetic hammers can clean virtually every bit of material from a storage or transfer vessel.
  • Adjustable eccentric weights provide a convenient way to modify force outputs and amplitudes to the needs of the application.
  • ATEX-certified and IP-rated sealed electrical vibrator units operate in hazardous or wet environments.
Deca Pneumatic Vibrators offer low-cost, low-maintenance solutions, for intermittent use in applications where start-and-stop operation would cause premature wear in electric vibrators,
  • Rotary-action and linear-action vibrator models deliver the ideal vibratory action for a variety of specific application requirements.
  • Extremely high-frequency options (up to 47,000 rpm) handle even the finest powders.
  • Low-frequency, high-amplitude pneumatic or electric impactors and hammers assure thorough emptying of materials from bins and hoppers.
  • Convenient adjustment of pneumatic vibrator frequency by throttling back on air pressure provides optimum control over a wide range of materials and operating conditions.
Sealed construction and rugged low-maintenance designs make Deca Hydraulic Vibrators the workhorse choice for extremely hot, cold, wet, dirty, or harsh application environments.
  • Relatively high output forces from a small footprint unit, make these units a cost-effective choices for applications ranging from railcar offloading to bulk material transfer to compaction in casting applications.
  • Regulation of hydraulic fluid flow controls force output and frequency.
  • Adjustable eccentric weights provide control over vibration amplitude.
While compaction can have a negative impact in bulk material handling applications, it can be desirable in certain production or packaging operations for deaerating and consolidating materials for shipment or manufacturing.
  • Job-matched electrical and pneumatic vibrator units aid in settling contents to maximize packaging density.
  • Vibratory compaction tables in flat-deck and grid-top formats address a wide variety of processing problems. They are well suited for industrial applications, such as densifying, compacting, and settling bulk materials in containers such as boxes or drums, for removal of entrapped air, and for food processing and packaging. They are also valuable for consolidating concrete or refractory materials in molds and forms, to deliver better product quality and consistency.
  • Special concrete form vibrators include synchronized electric motor units that can be attached at multiple locations across large or asymmetrically shaped forms to ensure consistency throughout the casting.
Not all material handling takes place within enclosed storage bins. That is why Deca complements a broad line of industrial vibrators with added functionality for specialty applications.
  • VIBRATORY FEEDERS matched to the requirements of the application enable you to screen, size, orient, or convey a wide variety of materials and objects. From screening and sizing aggregates, to sorting small components, to sizing or orienting produce for packaging, Deca Natural Frequency Vibratory Conveyors can be fine-tuned to move materials smoothly and efficiently with minimal horsepower requirements.
  • VIBRATION TABLES provide controlled outputs for process line and packaging operations, electronic production, and laboratory testing applications. They can be used to ensure quality control of electronic components and assemblies during production, and for quantifying forces in tests of product strength and vibration resistance.
Anyone faced with specialized bulk material handling requirements - such as problematic materials or harsh production environments - will appreciate the range of supporting equipment Deca also provides. This is one area where extended Deca product and application experience pays off in terms of total system solutions.
  • SPECIALTY VIBRATOR DESIGNS satisfy a variety of demanding operating or environmental conditions. ATEX-certified explosion-proof units provide the ability to operate safely in hazardous environments plagued by dust or fumes. IP-66 rated units and special stainless-steel housings are also designed to accommodate frequent wash downs or sanitizing treatments in food and pharmaceutical applications.
  • SPECIALIZED MOUNTING SYSTEMS adapt certain vibrators for temporary mounting in portable/mobile application uses.
  • SILOTOP FILTERS enable clean high-volume venting that allows for quicker offloading without creating unnecessary dust in the work environment.
  • SPECIALTY SCREW CONVEYORS expand options for distributing or collecting material flows to, or from, multiple points.
  • BIN AND SILO CLEANING SOLUTIONS of multiple physical designs overcome compaction issues to clear clogged storage vessels and chutes, and restore materials to a free-flowing form.
The simplest vibrator application selection might appear easy enough from website product specification charts - if you don’t mind oversizing the unit a bit for your workload. But as applications increase in size or volume, and as materials or work environments add complications, sizing an optimum solution without overspending or wasting energy in the long run can become a bit more complicated.

Buying a vibrator from an industrial supply house often requires that "you do the math." Working closely with your Deca representative, and letting us "do the math," can save you time and money today, as well as keep operating costs to a minimum over the life of your installation.

Discuss your specific conditions and concerns with a Deca material handling specialist. You'll benefit from wide-ranging Deca expertise gained through more than 35 years of experience in comparable industry applications. Call toll free, 866.384.3788, or write to

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