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Bin Vents & Filters

As an expert in dry bulk materials handling, Deca can help you specify a full range of accessories for more efficient performance throughout your processes. In the area of silo/hopper venting and filtering - large or small - both our SILOTOP Venting Filter and the HOPPERJET Hopper Venting Filter offerings provide a series of performance features for cleaner operation, even in notoriously dusty operations such as:
  • Minerals Processing (Cement, Lime, Gypsum)
  • Asphalt Mixing Plants
  • Concrete (Precast and Ready-Mix)
  • Powdered Food and Beverage Processing
  • Pharmaceutical Processing
  • Chemical Processing
  • Feed and Grain Processing
  • Glass and Ceramic Production
  • Metal Processing
The most common use for silo and hopper filters is to provide a safe and efficient means to vent displaced air during material filling operations, without losing the dust generated within the vessel. Venting prevents a build-up of pressure that could slow the filling process or cause dust-laden air to escape through poorly sealed surfaces, if material is being transported pneumatically.

While the two venting units we offer are designed to serve vastly different storage capacities, they both offer a series of common attributes to provide better, more efficient, and cost-effective performance in properly sized applications:
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY - Large filter-surface-area-to-footprint ratios provide ample exhaust velocity to allow for fast silo filling capacity without clogging filters. The HOPPERJET small-hopper design incorporates 2-square-meters of filter surface in a 62 square centimeter footprint. The SILOTOP large-hopper design incorporates 24-square-meters of filter surface in a 0.5-square-meter footprint.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE - Self-cleaning features minimize the need for filter replacement. Quick-and-easy-access designs allow for filter replacement to be accomplished in minutes, without tools, so you can minimize the impact on your production.
  • LOW EMISSION - B.I.A.-certified polyester filter media (Class U, S, G, or C).
  • AUTOMATIC RECYCLING - Reverse air jets clean filter surfaces so bulk materials fall back into the silo or hopper after filter cleaning.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - Stainless steel exteriors provide long-term durability for exposure to weather in exterior silo-top installations or harsh production environments.
Harness the venting capacity to enable dust-free high-speed filling of the largest bins and silos with the SILOTOP Venting Filter. Its compact, 31.5-inch diameter stainless-steel design takes up minimal space on top of the silo, yet offers exceptional filtering capacity thanks to its multi-panel filtering design and self-cleaning attributes. In cement silo applications, the SILOTOP R01 model has been tested to remove 99.98% of dust from exhaust air flowing at a rate of 1190 normal cubic meters/hour during a 40-minute period.

Every time you transfer any quantity of dry bulk materials to or from storage, or disperse them into your production line processes, you create the potential for generating dust. The slim and compact HOPPERJET Venting Filter is small enough to fit virtually anywhere in your production line to prevent that dust from escaping into your plant environment. Its stainless-steel construction stands up to demanding bulk material characteristics and work environments, and its self-cleaning air jets recycle trapped materials back into your process without interrupting your production.

When you request a silo or hopper vent filtration solution from Deca, expect more than just a durable, cost-effective filtration unit. Count on your Deca representative to answer your questions about where and how to install that unit for maximum efficiency, and how to maintain it for long lasting peak efficiency.

Whatever your dry bulk material handling need - storage hopper filling, emptying, or process line feeding - you Deca representative can provide the benefits of more than 35 years of collective experience across a variety of industries and industry applications. Call toll free, 866.384.3788, or write to

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