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DC Truck Vibrators

Put an end to compacted, clumping, or bin-coating materials in truck-based bins and hoppers. Equip mobile or remote applications - including dump truck beds, truck-mounted spreaders, bulk transport vehicles, and railcars - to deal with wet, sticky, compacted, or even frozen materials, with a properly sized Deca DC truck vibrator.

12 V and 24 V DC models can run straight from the vehicle's electrical system or batteries. Installation is easily adapted for aftermarket or retrofit applications. Hydraulic-powered alternatives are also available for smaller applications on vehicles equipped with hydraulic power takeoff (PTO) units.

A Deca representative can help you determine the best option for your application.

With the ability to be powered as any other accessory on a work vehicle, these DC-current powered vibrators bring job-specific help to mobile and remote applications. Operate them with electricity generated by the vehicle’s internal combustion engine while it is running. Or operate them in remote locations with 12-volt DC current provided from a single battery or with 24-volt DC current provided from two 12-volt batteries coupled in series or from any other 24-volt DC source.

A push of the button activates the vibrator to counteract compaction, bridging, clumping, or rat-holing in transported materials. Simply hold for a few seconds until the load begins to move. These units can also be installed with an optional timer and/or optional circuit breaker.

The complete Deca line of rugged, durable DC Electric Truck Vibrators is tightly sealed against dirt, dust, and water for long life in extreme conditions. Shielded, oversized, permanently lubricated ball bearings assure exceptional service life. High speed, low-amp electric motors keep size, weight, and energy demands to a minimum for easy, low cost installation and high-force output. Installation for maximum vibration effectiveness is made quick and easy by bolt-on attachment to a mounting plate that is welded directly to the application.

These heavy-duty, rugged, and powerful units include options for continuous duty operation and eccentric weight adjustment to tailor the vibration output to the job at hand. Low maintenance design means long life with minimal effort for bearing replacement or occasional brush replacement.

Multiple models using moderate frequency and moderate amplitude ranges deliver a wide range of maximum forces to accommodate a variety of truck/hopper sizes and material weights - with payloads from 1 to 30 cubic yards, and up to 64,000 lbs.
  • Equip mobile applications for spreading lime, fertilizer, or topsoil in off-road agricultural or landscaping applications.
  • Keep salt, ice-melt products or sand flowing freely for snow removal and traction aid being applied across a diverse range of vehicle sizes.
  • Prepare construction vehicles to handle a wide variety of dry or dampened materials - including clay-like soils, wet sand, and coarse gravel.
  • Ensure quick and thorough unloading from bulk transport vehicles carrying up to 30 cubic-yard loads.
  • Help keep paving materials flowing smoothly to minimize waste and cleanup efforts in high-volume continuous feed applications or patching applications.
  • Accommodate tandem dump trucks, multi-axle transport bodies, and live-body trucks or trailers, with load capacities up to 64,000 lbs.
  • Employ easy-on/easy-off vibrator installation for part-time solutions such as pickup truck mounted hoppers where intermittent use can cause compaction or where exposure to moisture can result in caking of normally free-flowing particles.
For vehicles equipped with a hydraulic power takeoff (PTO) Deca DRHE Rotary Hydraulic Vibrators offer a second alternative for material loosening vibration in remote, mobile applications.

Their moderate frequency and moderate amplitude provide the vibratory activation to loosen and empty wet, sticky, even frozen materials from dump trucks, truck-mounted hoppers, as well as railcars and small remotely mounted storage silos, hoppers, or bunkers. They can also be used to power vibration tables or casting operations installed at remote field locations. Their compact, lightweight design enables them to be mounted in convenient locations on trucks, dump bodies, and hoppers to deliver surprising force for their size.

Operating speeds and the resulting operating force, frequency and amplitude can be controlled by regulating the gallon-per-minute flow of hydraulic fluid through the vibrator. They can be run in two directions to help loosen stubborn deposits for complete evacuation of material. Maintenance on these long-life hydraulic units is relatively low, with only occasional bearing or seal replacement.

Empower your remote or mobile applications with confidence, by discussing your specific application needs with an experienced Deca representative.

Determine the right DC electric or hydraulic powered design and unit size for your needs, by calling toll free, at 866.384.3788 or writing to

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