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Series CR Pneumatic High Frequency Roller Vibrators

Harness the highest frequency and output forces available in any Deca railcar vibrator, with these Deca Series CR Pneumatic High-Frequency Roller Vibrators. Their high-frequency performance generates pressure waves that can reduce the friction between and separate even the most troublesome aggregate particles.

The broad performance profile of these Series CR vibrators covers a range of materials.
  • Fine, dry powders
  • Hygroscopic materials
  • Plastics
  • Chemicals
  • Grains and feeds
  • Sand, stone, coarse aggregates
  • Mined ores or quarried materials
The ability to vary frequency and output force by throttling back on the pneumatic pressure - between 30 psi and 90 psi - is particularly attractive for offload environments where the materials can change from railcar to railcar.

Whether you need a high-frequency low-amplitude buzz to stimulate the flow and complete hopper evacuation of fine powders, or slower, more vigorous agitation to get coarse aggregates moving, these pneumatic railcar shakeout vibrators offer diverse options for quick and efficient unloading. The same versatility is available whether the vibrator is used to empty a covered or uncovered hopper railcar or any other material handling bin or hopper.

Pneumatic operation offers a safe and convenient alternative to electric powered vibrators in outdoor applications exposed to wet weather or hazardous environments. It also accommodates intermittent operation that would cause premature wear and tear on electric powered units.

Several exceptional aspects of Series CR vibrator design and construction deliver performance and wear characteristics that keep materials flowing in high-demand applications.
  • Dual-roller design produces high forces and frequencies at relatively large amplitudes.
  • Exceptional output ranges include frequency up to 19,000 rpm, centrifugal force output up to 7,800 lbs. and material volumes up to 78,000 lbs. in the tapered portion of a bin.
  • High-strength ductile iron body plus hardened steel shafts, rollers and end plates, provide rugged performance for heavy-duty applications.
  • Very low maintenance requirements are relegated to occasional vane replacement.
  • Lightweight portable units and versatile mounting styles allow for easy-on, easy-off switching from location to another.
  • Cradle-base adapts to wedge-mounting system that is integral to most hopper railcars. Or choose between the wedge mounting cradle or a clamp-on cradle to adapt the same vibrator unit to other bulk material storage structures within your operation.
  • Vibrator unit weights start as low as 15 lbs. for easier positioning and mounting in the field. Even the largest, most powerful unit weighs only 40 lbs.
With such a wide range of vibration profiles and material handling capacities, there’s a very good chance that one of these CR Pneumatic High-Frequency Roller Vibrators is the right choice for your railcar offloading application.

Learn whether that’s a high-frequency model for the maximum aeration of fine powders or a higher amplitude model for your heaviest materials. Ask your Deca representative for an evaluation based on your typical material and railcar conditions. Call toll free, 866.384.3788, or write to

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CR Pneumatic External High Frequency Roller Vibrators

CR Pneumatic External High Frequency Roller Vibrators