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Explosion Proof Rotary Electric Vibrators

Because these Deca vibrator units are certified to OSHA standards by the UL or ETL, for explosive protection, they are ideal for use where chemical fumes or flammable dust particles create the need for explosion-proof operation. (See National Electrical Code Class I and Class II hazardous location environments. Also refer to IEC standards: IEC60079-0; IEC60079-1; IEC61241-0 and IEC 61241-1.)

Application environments that are at risk due to flammable gases, vapors, powders, or dust can include:
  • oilfields, petrochemical refineries and chemical plants;
  • pulp and paper operations;
  • coal mining and processing;
  • perfumes and cosmetics;
  • gas or aerosol filling and storage;
  • manufacturing or storage of solvents, paints, varnishes, adhesives, alcohols, explosives,
  • as well as food applications such as flour mills and grain or sugar storage silos.
(For particularly troublesome bin, hopper, and silo material flow in explosive environment applications, consider the Deca AIR-SLIDE Flow-Aid System that safely delivers 100% guaranteed material flow performance, even with the most problematic bulk materials.)

Whether your operating environment exposes your equipment to gasses, vapors, or dust, Deca explosion-proof heavy-duty rotary electric vibrator options are designed to deliver a broad range of performance characteristics.
  • Explosion-proof CLASS I Div. 1, Group C & D rated units apply where concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids are present continuously or for long periods of time.
  • Explosion-proof CLASS II Div. 1, Group E, F, & G rated units apply where flammable concentrations of combustible dust can exist all or some of the time under normal operating conditions.
  • Some Deca vibrator models are also ATEX 11 3D & CE Certified.
  • Three-phase 230/460 VAC power supply provides ample power for heavy-duty applications. The versatility of 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-pole models, each delivering a different vibration profile, enabling you to match the amplitude and frequency requirements of your application.
  • Extremely durable motor designs - properly sized and matched to operating requirements - deliver long performance life.
  • Cost-efficient electric operation offers quieter, more energy-efficient performance in continuous duty applications - preventing clogging or bridging of materials, and helping storage bins empty completely.
  • Easy mechanical adjustment of eccentric weights and inverter duty operation for speed control helps create optimum vibration performance profiles to suit your requirements.
  • Low maintenance demands are limited to occasional bearing replacement based on your volume of use.
  • Includes lower frequency and higher amplitude models to keep materials free flowing in bins and hoppers storing large-size particles and heavy-density materials.
Choose from a range of sizes and capacities within this line of Deca explosion-proof heavy-duty rotary electric vibrators, to satisfy the vibration profile and workload requirements of your application.
  • Force Output Ratings range from units delivering a maximum of 79 lbs. to those generating more than 24,000 lbs. of force.
  • Operating Frequencies start at very low-frequency rates of 900 rpm and range up to moderate frequency rates of 3600 rpm.
  • Maximum Bin Material Capacities handled by Deca heavy-duty rotary electric vibrators range up to 162,000 lbs.
Deca explosion-proof electric vibrators provide confidence in safe, reliable performance across a variety of application environments and sorting, screening, conveying, compaction, fluidized bed, and material handling uses.
  • MODERATE FREQUENCY/MODERATE AMPLITUDE models provide a more subtle motion for agitating bins, hoppers, pipes and chutes handling powders and finer particles. They can also be used for refractory and precast concrete applications as well as for compaction tables and QC test tables.
  • LOW FREQUENCY/HIGH AMPLITUDE models are well suited for bin activation and hopper emptying with materials of large particle size. They also provide good vibration profiles for clearing grizzly grates and filters, as well as separating, feeding and conveying materials of various sizes, energizing vibrating beds and compaction tables, and aiding in molding, core compaction, and foundry shakeout.
  • LOW FREQUENCY/VERY HIGH AMPLITUDE models are good for molding and core compaction as well as foundry shakeout, fluidized beds, feeding and conveying, as well as screening operations.
  • VERY LOW FREQUENCY/VERY HIGH AMPLITUDE models provide motive action for feeding, conveying, positioning, and separating materials and for creating fluidized beds.
The combination of safety in hazardous environments and a wide range of vibration profiles makes these Deca explosion-proof vibrators an excellent solution across a range of industries - from coal crushing and coke handling applications to feed, grain, sugar, and flour storage and packaging environments, to chemical and petrochemical environments where gases, vapors, and dust pose an explosive hazard.

As with other vibrator formats where speed or frequency can be adjusted by throttling back the pressure of the motive force, select models of Deca heavy-duty rotary electric vibrators also offer options to fine-tune vibratory action to application demands.
  • Most models include adjustable eccentric weights to modify the axis of vibration.
  • Inverter drives offer variable speed control.
Get detailed information and insight on vibrator performance characteristics for potentially explosive environments.

Contact a Deca representative to assure compliance with hazardous environment standards and tailor your explosion-proof vibrator performance to the physical demands of your application.

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