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Heavy-Duty Rotary Electric Vibrators

For truly heavy-duty operations (up to 203,000 lb. bin capacities), including high-frequency vibration demands, Deca heavy-duty rotary electric vibrator designs offer numerous advantages. They last longer and offer more cost effective performance for continuous duty applications than either pneumatic or hydraulic powered units, allowing you to amortize initial installation costs for a more effective total cost of operation.

These rugged vibrators are manufactured to meet job-specific needs while they withstand the most challenging working environments. In some cases, they are warranted for up to 24 months. Such durability makes them ideal for industrial applications ranging from flow aids in bulk material handling to efficient compaction aids in appropriate concrete and refractory production processes.

(For particularly troublesome bin, hopper, and silo storage applications, consider the Deca AIR-SLIDE Flow-Aid System that delivers 100% guaranteed material flow performance, even with the most problematic bulk materials.)

With rugged electric motors engineered for long life at 100% force output in continuous duty operation, Deca heavy-duty rotary electric vibrators answer a variety of job-specific requirements in demanding applications.
  • Multiple power supply options - from single-phase 115 VAC current up to three-phase, 8-pole designs for 460 VAC power - offer different torque outputs from the available power supply in your application environment.
  • Extremely durable motor designs, properly sized and matched to operating requirements, deliver longer life.
  • Cost-efficient electric operation offers quieter and more energy-efficient performance.
  • Long-term performance at low operating costs in continuous duty environments provides superior ROI in applications where pneumatic powered vibrators just don't last.
  • Options for higher vibratory frequencies and amplitudes satisfy a wider range of applications.
  • Adjustable force outputs or easy mechanical adjustment of eccentric weights can help create optimum vibration performance profiles to suit your applications.
  • Modern heavy-duty winding designs of many of the motors qualify them for inverter duty that allows for infinite speed control adjustments within their operating range.
  • Low maintenance demands are limited to occasional bearing and/or brush replacement based on the volume of use.
  • Select models are available in explosion-proof designs.
Wherever there is available electric power, Deca heavy-duty electric rotary vibrators offer a number of design options to take advantage of specific materials and handling requirements across a broad range of applications.
  • Material Handling - In bulk material applications, heavy-duty electric vibrators aid material flow - especially fine dry powders - in many types of storage bins, hoppers, chutes, and piping by breaking up clogs, bridging, or compacted materials.
  • Conveying - As the motivating force for vibratory conveyors and material feeders in production environments, properly sized and tuned vibrators can advance objects or materials in a steady pattern at a predetermined rate.
  • Sizing/Sorting - In screening, sorting and separating applications, properly tuned vibrators help to orient individual objects or separate granular materials by size without disrupting the production flow.
  • Compaction - De-aerating and compacting action in refractory, concrete and precast form applications improves material consistency and quality.
  • Hazardous Environments - Explosion-proof designs meet safety requirements for Class I and Class II environments where flammable dust particles or vapors pose a hazard to human operators. These can include grain storage, feed mills, sugar storage, coal handling, and oilfield applications.
  • Harsh Environments - Sealed Deca heavy-duty rotary electric vibrator designs offer safe, trouble-free operation even in extremely dusty and dirty environments.
  • Vibration Table - Settle and compact materials for most efficient packing and shipping. Control QC test tables to perform fatigue testing. Improve reduce defects and improve overall product quality in concrete pouring and molding applications.
  • Fluidized Beds - Move, cool, separate or dry granular materials for pharmaceutical, chemical, agricultural, plastics, mineral and food processes with vibratory fluidized beds.
Match those performance characteristics to a host of applications in:
  • Grain and feed bins
  • Industrial storage hoppers or batch hoppers
  • Raw material bins
  • Transfer chutes
  • Baghouse hoppers
  • Steel mil sintering bins
  • Fly ash hoppers
  • Concrete and refractory compaction applications
More than 300 distinct models of Deca heavy-duty rotary electric vibrators provide a wide range of force, frequency, and capacity ratings to satisfy an extremely broad base of productivity demands.
  • Force Output Ratings range from units delivering a maximum of 15 lbs. to those generating more than 58,000 lbs. of force
  • Operating Frequencies start at very low-frequency rates of 900 rpm and range up to high frequency rates of 9000 rpm
  • Vibrator Unit Weights - from a low of 3 lbs. to more than 2,100 lbs. - are sized to meet a wide range of application needs
  • Maximum Bin Material Capacities handled by Deca heavy-duty rotary electric vibrators range from as little as 300 lbs. to more than 100 tons
As with other vibrator formats where speed or frequency can be adjusted by throttling back the pressure of the motive force, select models of Deca heavy-duty rotary electric vibrators also offer options to fine-tune vibratory action to application demands.
  • Inverter drives offer variable speed control from single-phase or three-phase electric inputs.
  • Potentiometer speed controls allow you to fine-tune vibrator performance according to the requirements of the application.
Have questions about the appropriate heavy-duty rotary electric vibrator style or size for your application? Confused about which model provides the most cost-efficient solution? Concerned about installation requirements for optimum results and the most cost-efficient long-term performance?

Let more than 35 years of Deca application experience educate you on the best options for your needs. Discuss your concerns with a Deca representative, toll free, at 866.384.3788 or at

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