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Since 1980, Deca Vibrator has been providing effective material flow solutions, covering a variety of industries and applications. Deca is recognized throughout the industry for its expertise and superior practical knowledge of industrial vibrators and other bulk material handling equipment.

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Deca Air-Slide Flow Aid Solution
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Vibrating Bin Aerators, Fluidization Pads, Fluidization Nozzles

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Series FD Fluidizing Flow Aids

Vibrating Bin Aerator types FD combine product aeration under operating pressure reaching 6 bar (87 PSI) with an additional slight vibration on the silo wall (see data sheet for sizing, positioning and number of aerators). Due to its design damage of the silo is impossible even with abrasive materials. An additional backstop valve is not required as, due to the work pressure of 2 to 6 bar (29-87 PSI), no material can enter the zone beneath the elastic FDA-approved silicon lip. Deca Vibrating Bin Aerators are used for the improvement of mass flow with powders and granular materials. Due to FDA-conformity of the membrane material the Aerators are suitable for food-grade applications. To meet the most demanding user requirements a stainless ...

Series FP Fluidizing Flow Aids

Due to the semi-convex shape of the durable polymer FP Aeration Pads, air is given off at a wide emission angle across the entire white surface. For sizing, positioning and determination of the number of pads refer to the data sheet.

Fluidization equipment is used as a preventive measure. A variety of materials will show perfect mass flow as soon as a certain amount of air is added at regular intervals during discharging of the bin or silo. With FP Aeration Pads the action is gentle (operating pressure of the pad = 3 psi). The air-enriched material gains the desired flowability. At the same time, possible tendencies of the product to bridge, rat-hole, or clump are prevented.
In a single row installation, FP Aeration Pads are ...
Series FN Fluidizing Flow Aids

Series FN Fluidizing Flow Aids

FN25 and FN60 Aeration Nozzles can be easily fitted on bins or silos from outside which makes them particularly suitable for retrofitting or in cases where the inside of a bin cannot be accessed. For sizing, layout and number of nozzles refer to the relevant data sheet.

The plastic insert with the sintered metal nozzle has to be screwed into the steel nipple which has been previously welded on the outside of the bin or silo. Then the connection with the compressed air line has to be carried out.
FN25 Aeration Nozzles are used with fine powdery materials at a working pressure of 3 PSI, while FN60 Aeration Nozzles work with a pressure of 14 PSI.
Decades of experience with FN25 and FN60 have shown that virtually all materials can ...
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