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Vibrating Bin Aerators, Fluidization Pads, Fluidization Nozzles

Deca's Fluidizing Flow aid models FD, FP, & FN series offer low cost, easy to install solutions for small to medium size vessels. These are designed to be used on powders and granular materials. Creating and maintaining flow by fluidization of material.

Create material flow solutions through use of various styles of fluidizing systems.

Your production line depends on consistent discharge of materials from your bins. In order to get this kind of performance it is critical that you choose the right equipment. Deca bin aerators and fluidization pads are an effective and cost efficient way to promote the flow of bulk materials through positive air pressure and address all kinds of material flow problems.

That said, these products are best applied when dealing with certain products and conditions. That’s why it’s critical to choose the right bin aerator supplier. That’s where we come in. We can help you evaluate your current production environment, and guide you to the best performing, most cost effective solution.

Why Choose a Deca aeration pad or fluidization nozzle?
  • Proven Design: Our products have been proven to work over many years of service in all kinds of environments.
  • Safe Material Flow: Aerators are the low impact way to get powdered bulk products moving.
  • Low Cost: Aeration is one of the lowest cost ways to address flow issues.
  • Stellar Support: Deca has a team of experts standing by to help you with any question or concern.

How to Select an Aeration Device
Aerators can be used in a wide range of conditions, but there are a few situations where they are by far the best choice. Here are a few of things we look for:
  • Fine Powders: Fine powders like cement can be problematic to deal with. Fortunately, bin aerators and the positive air flow they provide are the perfect solution to deal with this issue.
  • Materials which are Prone to Packing: Vibrators are a great option in many cases, but sometimes they do more harm than good. Vibrators can make certain products pack in your bin causing major issues. If you’re experiencing similar issues, we’d love to talk with you about how a fluidization pad could address your needs.
  • Where Cost is an Issue: Many of customers come to us looking for a solution to their flow problems, but must balance those needs with the costs. In these cases, aeration pads can be a great solution.
  • Where Vibration is Not Accepted: Your production line is a complex combination of products all working together to achieve your goals. It’s critical that they work together. Vibration can wreak havoc on sensitive equipment such as level indicators and metering devices. In cases like these, aerators can be a solid option to address flow problems.

How to Select a Power Source for Your Aerator
It’s important to select the correct fan to power your new aerator. In general you should consult the manufacturer of your fan for technical information and match their solution to your needs.
There are two types of fans typically chosen for use in powering aerators.
  • Axial Fans: These are the most common. They are propeller driven.
  • Centrifugal Fans: These fans offer lower noise and are sometimes required depending on the application.

In general our customers opt for the lowest cost fan that will provide the needed air volume to power their equipment. However, this does not factor in the ongoing costs associated with the power consumption of the fan. As a result, Deca recommends that you choose a fan with the lowest wattage which will meet your air consumption demands. Our sales support staff can help you match the best solution to your needs. Call us today to get your problems solved!

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