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Industrial Vibrators for Bulk Material Flow

Dry bulk material flow applications and environments pose a range of challenges that affect efficient performance. Let a Deca representative show how our wide range of industrial vibrator configurations and our wealth of application-specific expertise in evaluating, sizing, and selection will help you achieve the ideal solution for your unique situation.

Material Flow Aids for Every Industry

Sooner or later, any industry that depends on moving powdered, granular, or irregularly shaped solids can experience back-ups due to bridging, arching, rat-holing, plugging or compaction within chutes, pipes, shaker screens, bins, hoppers, silos or other storage vessels.

Whatever the challenge - overloading, physical compaction or the caking of naturally hygroscopic materials due to humidity - Deca can deliver an appropriate solution based on more than 35 years of vibratory application experience in:
  • Industrial manufacturing process lines and packaging operations
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech production and packaging facilities
  • Chemical processing and petroleum refining operations
  • Pulp, paper and wood processing operations
  • Food-handling and beverage packaging lines
  • Rail and truck bulk transport applications
  • Metals and minerals handling
  • Foundry molding applications
  • Mining and quarry operations
  • Cast concrete forms
  • Other dry bulk material handling
For as many unique vibrator unit size, amplitude, and frequency options as we offer, perhaps our most valuable contribution is our experience in developing innovative total solutions to unique bulk material handling challenges.

Get the Right Vibrator Options for Your Application


Highly efficient Deca electric vibrators use the most energy-efficient power source to generate a wide range of output forces for trouble-free material flow with low noise. Where operating conditions and environments permit use of electric motors they can offer more cost-efficient long-term operation than pneumatic, electromagnetic or hydraulic powered vibrators. That can include extremely cold or hot, as well as dirty and dusty, environments.


Experienced plant operators choose Deca pneumatic vibrators because they provide powerful, portable, and high-amplitude performance with low maintenance and a low up-front investment. This makes them a cost-efficient choice for intermittent use in keeping materials flowing from bins, chutes and hoppers across a wide variety of conveyor and feed applications. Compared to other brand designs, they are quieter and more efficient, and are easily adjusted by regulating the compressed air flow, to provide the specific required vibration characteristics.

In extremely wet or potentially explosive environments, where electric motor operation can be problematic, Deca pneumatic vibrators are a top choice for keeping bulk materials and production schedules flowing smoothly.


For big power in a small footprint, Deca hydraulic motor driven vibrators deliver more force per size, weight and cost of any hydraulic vibrators available on the market today. Their compact size and quiet operation enable them to be mounted right where material flow problems occur, without disrupting the work environment.

Deca AIR-SLIDE Flow-Aid Solution

Resolve the most problematic hopper, bin, and silo storage and feed installations with the Deca AIR-SLIDE Flow-Aid Solution - a remedy that goes far beyond vibrator mechanical agitation. It is a permanent, long-term solution for the most problematic materials - wet, sticky, tacky, organic and inorganic materials, even traditionally difficult hygroscopic materials - and assures 100% guaranteed performance when installed and operated according to Deca analytical recommendations.


Deca Brings Extensive Industry Expertise to New Opportunities

Insights - Whether you replacing an existing vibrator unit or designing from scratch, count on Deca experience to help fine-tune the ideal solution to your needs. One look at the Resources page of our website shows the considerations we balance - from frequency, amplitude, force and power, to the bulk weight density of specific materials ranging from abrasive compounds to zirconite.

Industrial Vibration Solutions

If you have problems resulting from a change in operations or a negative experience with equipment proposed by another vibrator equipment company, let Deca document one of our installed solutions to a comparable problem.


From vibrators, material flow aids, air slides and bin/silo cleaning to valves, gates, vents, filters, and other dry bulk material handling equipment, Deca is the one source you can trust to help develop a TOTAL solution. More important than our hundreds of industrial vibrator models is our documented success in solving the complexities of troublesome materials and application-specific challenges.

Unmatched Customer Service

Deca is not a one-off product dispenser. We work with you before, during, and after product selection to ensure that our solutions meet or exceed the demands of your application.

Flexible Terms

As creative as we are in solving material flow bottlenecks, we are equally creative in developing affordable solutions and terms that address your needs. That includes cost-effective vibrator options, cost-effective implementation and cost-effective budget terms.

Targeted Vibration Solutions for Unique Applications

In addition to permanently mounted industrial vibrator equipment, Deca provides a wide range of options for temporarily mounted, mobile/movable and other specialized vibrator application solutions.

For locations with intermittent needs, Deca vacuum-clamp portable vibrators, electromagnetic hammers and a vibrating transfer chute can be positioned and used as needed.

For exposure to frequent wash-down or food-grade sterilization procedures - as in pharmaceutical, food and chemical processing applications - Deca stainless steel vibrator housings resist corrosion.

For mounting versatility, Deca also provides a range of weld-on, bolt-on, clamp-on and wedge-fit vibrator mounting brackets for pneumatic- and hydraulic-powered industrial vibrators. Some of these mounting solutions provide a permanently affixed mounting base for applications requiring frequent vibrator removal and re-installation for maintenance or cleaning purposes. Others are easily adapted to applications where temporary mounting is desirable due to frequent repositioning or intermittent vibrator use.

Choose Application Specific Vibrator Designs (Railcars and Concrete)

Railcar vibrators serve similar needs as bin and hopper-mounted vibrators, but often on a much larger scale and under more problematic conditions - including exposure to humidity and material compaction during transit. Deca offers railcar shakers utilizing hydraulic and pneumatic power to generate sufficient mechanical action that facilitates movement of difficult-to-handle materials such as coarse sand or gravel, cement, grain, coal, ores, chemicals and plastics.

In contrast to alleviating negative aspects of compaction in bulk material applications, Deca also creates positive impacts of compaction for better quality in concrete pouring and casting applications. This helps to remove air pockets than would reduce the density of setting concrete. Compaction achieved through consistently applied and evenly distributed vibration forces results in stronger and more durable concrete structures.

Ask the Experts in Industrial Vibration

From application engineering assistance to fast repair service, it is hard to top the value of insight and world-class performance gained from 35 years of Deca industrial vibrator experience.

Keep your processes and productivity flowing freely. Contact a Deca representative, toll free, at 866.384.3788 or at

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