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Pneumatic Ball Vibrators

Deca's Pneumatic Ball Vibrators are the most economical vibrators on the market today. These compact and lightweight compressed-air-powered vibrator designs are available in a wide range of sizes, formats, and force ranges to suit intermittent operation across diverse application needs. Contact a Deca representative for help in adapting the ideal format and size to your unique requirements, because determining optimal mounting for the application can be just as important as choosing the right unit.

Applications that demand inexpensive, low-maintenance vibratory sources can benefit from the performance characteristics of Deca pneumatic ball vibrators. These include small to moderate size bins, hoppers, pipes, and chutes used for material handling, as well as production and packaging applications, across a range of industries:
  • Food and beverage packaging lines
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech production and packaging facilities
  • Chemical processing and petroleum refining operations
  • Industrial manufacturing process lines and packaging operations
  • Metals and minerals processing
  • Foundry molding applications
  • Mining and quarry operations
  • Concrete forming
  • Pulp, paper and wood processing operations
Rugged, cast iron Deca Pneumatic Ball Vibrators satisfy a wide range of vibration profiles. With force output ratings from 20 lbs. to more than 1,273 lbs., frequency ranges from 7,000 to 27,000 rpm. and bin-content weights up to 12,700 lbs., they are useful for keeping bulk materials free flowing. They prevent jam-ups along production lines, aid in screening/sizing applications and gently compacting materials during production or packaging operations.

Very high frequency Deca Pneumatic Ball Vibrators made with lightweight aluminum bodies deliver force output ratings from 79 lbs. to 891 lbs. fit small hoppers as well as larger storage bins holding up to 8,910 lbs. of material. Moderate to very high frequency ranges (10,000 rpm to 35,000 rpm) deliver the waveforms needed to mix, agitate or propel a wide range of raw materials or finished goods, even fine powders.

Using compressed air as the motive force allows for adapting vibrator force and speed to accommodate the volume, density, and flow characteristics of any material or application. This versatility combined with the wide range of vibrator sizes enables users to fine-tune installations to unique material requirements:
  • Prevent bridging or rat holing of fine materials in bulk storage bins and hoppers.
  • Keep coarse products moving in bulk material transport.
  • Protect against jam-ups or bottlenecks in production conveyor applications.
  • Minimize plugging in screening, sifting, or sizing applications.
Designed to deliver more force than other vibrator designs - relative to their size, weight and cost - Deca pneumatic ball vibrators empower low-initial-cost solutions across a variety of material handling applications. Air pressure regulation that permits speed and force adjustment enables optimal performance with minimal power consumption.

Painted cast iron and anodized aluminum bodies provide rugged, long-lasting performance reliability in hot, dirty, and wet environments. With only one moving part - a steel ball rotating on smooth steel ring - these durable pneumatic ball vibrators perform flawlessly with little or no maintenance.

Cast-iron designs operating at temperatures up to 176 ºC (350 ºF) and aluminum designs capable of performing up to 199 ºC (390 ºF) suit a wide range of manufacturing and processing environments.

In addition to their convenient low-maintenance designs, Deca pneumatic ball vibrators can produce high-frequency rotary vibration with just a moderate volume of compressed air. Bolt-on designs permit quick and easy attachment in the optimum mounting position for each application.

Tapered exhaust ports allow for mufflers or exhaust removal to reduce outlet noise to moderate levels (< 80 dB), minimizing added noise pollution in active industrial environments.

Versatile mounting flexibility across multiple design formats makes it easier for you to match application requirements. The bolt-on pneumatic ball vibrator designs provide for upright, sideways, and upside down mounting to deliver the appropriate vibratory motion required by the flow characteristics of your dry bulk material or production requirements

Deca Vibrator experience gained from more than 35 years serving industrial operations assures expert technical assistance, special application engineering assistance, and fast repair service.

Looking for solid performance at an economical price point? Learn more about a Deca Pneumatic Ball Vibrator model might satisfy your most pressing dry bulk material flow challenges. Contact a Deca representative, toll free, at 866.384.3788 or at

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