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Pneumatic Hammer Impactors

Deca's Pneumatic Hammer Impactors are designed to deliver high-shock single-impact force - simulating hammer blows - for applications where the materials tend to settle and compact under continuous force and do not respond as well to continuous rotary or linear vibration. Hammer impactors are also a great solution for materials that persistently stick to bin walls.

These Pneumatic Impactors (and Electromechanical Hammers) prevent stubborn, sticky, and tacky material from adhering to container walls eliminating the possibility of bridging and rat holing, such as in cyclones, spray dryers, weigh hoppers, and other process vessels.

Pneumatic and electromechanical hammer impactors are also an economical way to ensure complete emptying of weigh batching hoppers or material transfer bins used to measure or transfer incremental batches of material in the production process. Their straight impacts are helpful for clearing leftover material or knocking off clinging material from container walls.

High-amplitude forces can be delivered at extremely low frequencies (down to 6 impacts per minute). Frequency of impact is adjustable by air pressure regulation and/or a timer. This enables you to keep pace with the production cycle and deliver just the amount of force needed to keep enclosure walls or funnels clear of material.

These attributes provide a rugged, dependable and economical solution for enclosures that are frequently emptied or where materials are constantly moving and not subject to compaction caused by settling over an extended period of time in a long-term storage hopper.

The operating characteristics of these linear impacting hammers make them a great choice for spray dryer applications where powders and particles are constantly accumulating during the drying process:
  • FOOD PROCESSING APPLICATIONS range from powdered milk, coffee, tea, eggs, cereals, spices, and flavorings, to starch and starch derivatives, vitamins, enzymes, stevia, colorings, and more.
  • PHARMACEUTICAL APPLICATIONS include antibiotics, medical ingredients, and additives.
  • INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS can include ceramic materials, paint pigments, and substrates to support catalysts.
Other industry uses include chemical processing, industrial processes, metals and minerals, mining and quarrying, power generation, pulp, paper, and wood production, and petroleum refining.

Low-frequency operation means low air consumption. Three different styles offer a range of impact rates - from 1 to 172 impacts per minute - using a three-way solenoid valve working with an electric timer or a pneumatic control unit.

Deca hammer impact vibrators are available in three styles, each offering several vibrator sizes matched to the specific wall thickness of the enclosure to be cleared.

DI Pneumatic Impacting Vibrators - Air-operated piston delivers linear impact at high amplitude and at a very low frequency (adjustable from 6 to 100 VPM). Low-maintenance, aluminum body construction requires only occasional cleaning.

LI High Energy Impacting Pneumatic Piston Vibrators - Air-operated piston delivers linear impact at high amplitude and at a low frequency (adjustable from 14 to 172 VPM). Low-maintenance, steel alloy body construction requires only occasional cleaning.

DEH Electromagnetic Hammers - These units operate on 2-phase 440-volt AC current, for use where compressed air is not available. High amplitude vibration combines with very low frequency performance that is adjustable with an electrical control timer. Cast steel construction is extremely low-maintenance.

While all three of these impact hammer vibrators offer a better solution than a "man with a hammer," each one offers differing performance characteristics to correspond to the particular demands of materials in your application.

Make sure to get the right size vibrator for your bin or hopper, and learn how to adjust impact frequency to match changing demands in your application. Contact a Deca vibration expert, toll free, at 866.384.3788 or at

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