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Pneumatic Piston Vibrators

Low cost and economical performance make these linear-action piston vibrators a good alternative for applications where coarse, high-moisture, or sticky materials and granular particles do not respond well to high-frequency rotary vibrators. Those applications cover the full gamut of bulk material handling and storage applications - for bins holding up to 71,000 lbs. as well as hoppers, chutes, and pipes or vibratory feeders and screens, and vibration tables.

Diverse features in more than 70 distinct model options use air-pressure regulation to produce a wide variety of output forces - from very low frequencies (900 VPM), to very high frequencies (22,000 VPM) and at low, moderate, or high amplitudes. Those options offer exceptional flexibility for use as flow aids in material transport and screening applications. Other applications include compaction in foundry core boxes as well as use with foundry match plates and pattern transfers.

High output forces and the ease of adjustment through air pressure regulation - using either manual valves or solenoid valves activated by a manual switch, push button, or electronic timer - serves a multitude of industry applications.
  • Food & Beverage - material handling and packaging operations
  • Pharmaceutical & Biotech - material handling and packaging operations
  • Chemical Processing - handling coarse or sticky materials
  • Industrial Manufacturing - general material handling and vibratory tables
  • Metals & Minerals - material handling and foundry applications
  • Mining & Quarries - handling coarse granular material flows
  • Power Generation - keeping ash handling systems free flowing
  • Pulp, Paper and Wood - keeping hygroscopic materials flowing
  • Multiple mounting styles offer flexibility for permanent or temporary attachment in the best position for any application.
  • Provide dependable service under extreme operating conditions, with non-plugging channels to ensure high vibratory performance.
  • Most models offer air cushioned (AC) vibrator options to reduce noise in production environments. (When replacing an impacting type vibrator, use the next larger size in the air-cushioned model.)
  • Options for exhaust manifold muffler attachment allow for reduced noise in populated work environments.
  • High-temperature (HT) option models extend the maximum operating temperature for a pneumatic piston vibrator from 250 ºF to 400 ºF.
  • Internal springs assure positive starting in all positions.
  • Molly-coated pistons reduce the need for additional lubrication
  • Heat-treated, fatigue-resistant steel alloy bodies and ductile iron bodies accept maximum operating pressures up to 80 psi.
  • Low-maintenance designs assure maximum vibration performance with minimal effort.
Series 5000 Flange Mount Vibrator - Four-point flange mount bases provide solid attachment for higher frequency and higher force applications capable of handling bin material weights up to 71,000 lbs. Some models offer moderate to high amplitude outputs.

Series 2000 Single Attaching Head Vibrator - Single attachment point offers easier installation for a variety of applications ranging from foundry pattern transfer to material flow, to powder compaction, as well as general bulk material handling applications.

Series 2100 End Inlet Vibrator - Simplifies use with an end inlet port that swivels for convenient air hose positioning during attachment and operation. This design is advantageous for applications where frequent removal or repositioning of the vibrator and air hose require quick and versatile connection.

Series 2200 Double Attaching Head Vibrator - Provides attachment points at both ends for increased vibrating efficiency through greater energy transfer.

Series 2300 Pin Type Attachment Vibrator - Affords excellent portability at a reduced cost. Ideal for use on match plates, molding equipment concrete forms or any applications where frequent removal and relocation are necessary.

Series 2400 Stud Mount Vibrator - Versatile threaded-stud mounting point makes it easy to install vibrator at the desired axis for impact energy transfer and operational efficiency with foundry match plate, material flow and compaction applications.

Series 2600 Molding and Core Machine Vibrators - Dual lug mounting provides secure attachment for consistent core production in foundry molding and core machines.

Series 2800 Larger Body Molding and Core Machine Vibrators – Dual lug mounting provides secure attachment for consistent core production in foundry molding and core machines.

Is a linear-force vibrator right for your application? Can you generate the amplitudes required by the materials in your process? Do you need higher or lower frequency? What are your needs for muffled compressed air exhaust to satisfy OSHA requirements or provide a more tolerable work environment for your employees?

Get answers to all your questions - as well as added insights from professionals who have seen similar applications before - by contacting a Deca vibration expert, toll free, at 866.384.3788 or at

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Series 5000 Flange Mount Pneumatic Piston Vibrators



Series 5000 Flange Mount Pneumatic Piston Vibrators


Series 2000 Pneumatic Piston Vibrators


Series 2100 Pneumatic Piston Vibrators





Series 2200 Pneumatic Piston Vibrators


Series 2300 Pneumatic Piston Vibrators


Series 2400 Pneumatic Piston Vibrators


Series 2600 Pneumatic Piston Vibrators


Series 2600 Pneumatic Piston Vibrators


Series 2800 Pneumatic Piston Vibrators