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Pneumatic Ring Vibrators

Deca Pneumatic Ring Vibrators offer superior performance in applications where ball vibrators simply don't last. Their unique yet simple design enables them to provide years of efficient trouble-free and maintenance-free non-lubricated operation in high-temperature environments - up to 650 ºF (343 ºC). That design also uses very little air, so operating costs stay low, too.

DR Series Pneumatic Ring Vibrators generate very high frequencies and centrifugal forces by using air pressure (up to 80 psi) that drives a high strength alloy steel ring to make an eccentric movement around a hardened alloy steel center post. This design eliminates accumulated build up from air particles where other vibrators would clog or stop running.

These vibrators are excellent flow aid devices on bins and hoppers to prevent bridging or rat holing, as well as for screening, sorting and, separation, and for compaction operations in casting and molding operations. They offer low-cost operation for users who have been disappointed with ball vibrator performance in the past.

Rugged design and maintenance-free performance provide efficient operation across a broad range of industrial uses.
  • Eight model sizes provide force outputs from up to 4,170 lbs. at frequencies from up to 47,000 rpm.
  • Rugged alloy steel body and maintenance-free design means no lubrication is required.
  • High-temperature designs accommodate ambient temperatures up to 650 ºF.
  • Low to moderate air consumption keeps operating costs down for cost-effective performance in keeping bulk materials flowing freely.
  • Compact, yet powerful, performance delivers high vibratory forces to loosen compacted materials and prevent bridging or rat holing in bulk material bins and hoppers.
Harness the advantages of Deca Pneumatic Ring Vibrators across a wide range of industries - ranging from rough and tumble bulk raw material handling in Mining, Quarrying, Minerals, or Metals applications, to precise fine-tuned screening and packaging applications in Food & Beverage or Pharmaceutical & Biotech industries.

They also provide cost effective performance for high frequency vibrator applications in Chemical Processing, Industrial Manufacturing, Power Generation, Pulp, Paper & Wood, and Petroleum Refining. Use them to:
  • Loosen compacted materials in storage bins and hoppers to prevent bridging or rat holing that can disrupt material flow.
  • Keep powdered and granular materials freely flowing through chutes and pipes in bulk material handling applications.
  • Ensure complete emptying of storage vessels or transport chutes.
  • Power vibratory conveyors and feeders to keep objects advancing at a predetermined pace in production line environments.
  • Compact material in molds, or speed up shakeout operations in foundry applications.
  • Activate vibration tables, sizing screens, and fluidized beds for sorting and separation with job-matched vibration patterns controlled by metering the air pressure to the Deca Pneumatic Ring Vibrator.
  • Compact and consolidate concrete for precast forms and ornamental concrete production, or power vibrating screeds in poured concrete applications.
Deca DR Pneumatic Ring Vibrator designs deliver a wide range of application requirements.
  • Eight compact unit sizes - ranging from 0.75 lbs. to 30 lbs. - generate moderate to very high frequency vibration at low to moderate amplitudes.
  • Maximum frequencies range from moderate (7,000 rpm) to extremely high frequency (47,000 rpm) at maximum allowable air pressure, with each one adjustable downward by air pressure regulation.
  • Maximum material weight in the tapered portion of a bin ranges from 2,700 lbs. up to 41,750 lbs.
  • The ability to adjust frequency and amplitude in each model is controlled by throttling back on the maximum air pressure.
When generating very high frequency vibration at low to moderate amplitudes is your goal, Deca Pneumatic Ring Vibrators offer both a low initial cost and a low cost of operation.

Whether your application is bulk materials handling, general industrial production, or task-specific operation, a Deca representative can help you specify the proper design and the proper size unit for your needs. Contact Deca toll free at 866.384.3788 or at

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