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Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators

Deca's Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators are engineered for applications that require low-noise performance with no lubrication. Because of their sanitary design, they are perfectly suited for use in the Food and Pharmaceutical Industries. But with so many sizes and force outputs available, these energy-efficient turbine vibrators are also successfully used as flow aids in bins, hoppers and chutes, and as a driving force on screens and vibration tables, across many industrial applications.

All Deca Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators feature a turbine wheel and rotor supported by two heavy-duty pre-lubricated shielded bearings inside the housing, eliminating the need for lubrication maintenance. But since each family offers different housing materials, size ranges, or performance characteristics, let a Deca representative help you choose the specific design and size that offers the best fit for your application.

Food & pharmaceutical producers prefer turbine vibrators for their sanitary design, but the broad range of output forces delivered by these compact units also make them well-suited for a wide range of applications. These include fine dry powers in chemical processing, industrial manufacturing, metals and minerals, mining and quarries, petrochemical refining, and for pulp, paper, and wood industries.

Whatever the application environment, high-frequency low-amplitude performance across all three families of Deca Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators provides the forces needed in bulk material handling of fine powdered materials.
  • Loosen compacted materials in bins and hoppers - particularly fine dry powders - to prevent clumping, bridging or rat holing that can disrupt material flows.
  • Keep fine powdered materials freely flowing through chutes and pipes in bulk material handling applications.
  • Ensure complete emptying of storage vessels or transport chutes.
  • Low air consumption - just 2/3rds of that required by ball vibrators - helps pneumatic turbine vibrators keep operating costs low, while no-lubrication performance simplifies maintenance.
DTV SERIES - Lightweight, yet powerful Deca DTV Series Rotary Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators, available in eight different sizes, pack more punch per pound than most vibrator designs.
  • Turbines featuring integrated flyweights rotate on oversized ball bearings, to provide a high work moment and deliver high frequencies with high centrifugal forces.
  • 12 different models deliver maximum force ratings up to 1,640 lbs. and handle bin material capacities up to 17,180 lbs. in the tapered portion of a bin.
  • Vibration profile maintains its amplitude, even at low-air-pressure operation.
  • These combined attributes make them successful as flow aids on bins, hoppers and chutes, as drives for screens, and on vibration tables.
  • The ability to operate lubrication-free with filtered compressed air eliminates the need for maintenance in restricted-access environments.
TV SERIES - Deca TV Stainless Steel Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators are specifically designed to meet the needs of sanitary environments - such as food and pharmaceutical applications - where they are frequently used to handle fine, dry powdered materials. They can operate at ambient temperatures up to 250 ºF (121 ºC).
  • 316L stainless steel construction is well suited to withstand frequent wash-down requirements in food-grade applications.
  • Positive and negative unbalanced moments in a rotor supported by two heavy-duty pre-lubricated sealed bearings deliver high- to very-high-frequency performance.
  • These turbine vibrators require only 66% of the air volume used by pneumatic ball vibrators to deliver up to 37,500 rpm at 90-psi pressure.
  • High-performance grease in bearings provides lubrication-free operation.
  • Easy-to-access bearing raceways ensure long life with minimal maintenance effort.
  • Deca TV Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators can be provided as ATEX certified on request.
ATU TURBINE VIBRATORS - Explosion-proof aluminum-body Deca ATU Turbine Vibrators offer a broad choice of energy-saving, adjustable-output models. Their design achieves low air consumption by maintaining a constant speed, delivering efficient handling of bulk solids across a wide variety of applications from food processing and pharmaceuticals to heavy industry.
  • 17 model options deliver force ranges up to 1,900 lbs., frequency ranges up to 34,000 rpm and handle up to 19,700 lb. maximum material weight in the tapered portion of a bin.
  • Anodized alloy aluminum body delivers high performance from a lightweight unit.
  • Lubrication-free operation minimizes maintenance to periodic bearing replacement.
  • Low noise levels comply with OSHA standards.
  • Maximum operating temperatures up to 250 ºF (121 ºC) cover a wide range of food, pharmaceutical and industrial uses.
  • Explosion-proof performance is standard, with all models being ATEX Ex II 3D certified.
Unlike some moderate frequency applications where vibrator selection depends primarily on the weight of the loads to be handled, Deca Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators offer a wide range of performance characteristics.

Evaluate your applications that depend on high-frequency agitation according to the distinct characteristics of these three Deca Pneumatic Turbine Vibrator families, by asking a Deca representative to explain the options and advantages of each. Contact Deca toll free at 866.384.3788 or at

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