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Pneumatic Vibrators

Powered by air, Deca’s full range of heavy-duty Pneumatic Vibrators are rugged, durable, and versatile. These Pneumatic Vibrators offer a low cost solution to all your vibratory needs. Deca’s Pneumatic Vibrators are engineered to be Quiet, Air Efficient, Low Maintenance, and Economical. Designed for the handling of dry bulk materials, these systems work to eliminate problems associated with bin discharging such as, bridging, rat holing, sticking, and arching, as well as feeding, screening, and conveying bulk materials in all types of bins, hoppers, silos, chutes, pipes, and large storage vessels. Other uses include compacting & settling, feeder & screen drives, railcar unloading, and concrete & refractory consolidation. Deca’s Pneumatic Vibrators are available in Rotary or Linear Models with Fixed and Portable Mounting Systems. Stainless steel vibrators for sanitary and corrosive applications, Atex rated, or explosion proof vibrators for hazardous environments are also offered to meet your specific vibratory needs.

Industries Served: Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical & Biotech, Chemical Processing, Industrial Manufacturing, Metals & Minerals, Mining & Quarries, Power Generation, Pulp, Paper & Wood, and Petroleum Refining.

Pneumatically powered vibrators are attractive to plant operators mainly because they feature a low up-front investment. In addition, they are relatively low maintenance method for vibration. Beyond this, if you are one of the many plant operators who deal with explosive environments, air vibrators are a great option where electrically powered motors are not recommended.

Pneumatic vibrators are great for a wide variety of applications from improving material flow in bins, chutes and hoppers to serving as an effective drive system for feeders and conveyors. We’ll help you design or select the right vibrator for your needs, and then stand behind it with stellar after sales support.

Deca pneumatic vibrators are both efficient and quiet compared to other brands. In addition to experienced applications advisers, Deca offers a wide range of pneumatic vibrator types in order to address any problem with the most effective vibration method. We’ve helped food, pharmaceutical, biotech, manufacturing, petrol refiners, mine operators and host of other industries improve their material flow. No matter how unusual, we have the knowledge and experience to help you so give us a call today to discuss your application!

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