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Specialized Vibration Products

Every Deca vibrator design has a niche for maximum efficiency. But for your more extreme or unusual application environments, we also offer a range of specialized vibration products to satisfy specific application demands.

Equally important, we can help you troubleshoot problematic applications and make installation recommendations designed to have the greatest affect on difficult material handling applications.

DCM VACUUM CLAMP PORTABLE VIBRATORS - Lightweight, portable vacuum-mount bases provide an easy way to apply linear and rotary pneumatic vibration in applications that make it impractical to use a permanently mounted vibrator, or require only intermittent use. These units are used successfully to clean bins and clear blockages in dry bulk material handling applications, as well as to aid compaction in packaging and molding applications.
  • Powerful suction cups adhere to almost any fairly smooth surface - metal, plastic, pipes, even cardboard containers - where vibrators cannot be permanently attached by conventional means.
  • Separate air hoses for vacuum generation and for vibrator activation assure positive connections for maximum agitation.
  • A special vacuum generator creates a powerful grip for mounting in intermittent application needs or for adhering to objects moving down a production or packaging line.
  • A safety cable delivers added convenience and security in use.
  • Fits curved containers as small as 4 inches in diameter, or flat plane surfaces as small as 8 inches by 3 inches.
  • Linear vibrator models are useful for moving, feeding, screening, or compacting all types of materials in small bins, hoppers, pipes and chutes. Linear impact vibrators offer low-frequency/high-amplitude performance to help with sticky materials.
  • Rotary roller vibrators keep fine or granular materials flowing freely, while turbine vibrator models provide very high frequency vibration for very fine dry powders.
MODEL DVTC VIBRATING TRANSFER CHUTE - Not every material blockage or hang-up occurs inside a storage bin or hopper. When dealing with coarser materials like stone aggregates, coal, or salt, hang-ups can occur in any chute, funnel or transition point between storage hoppers, bins, and conveyors.

The Deca Vibrating Transfer Chute is the ideal answer to eliminating chute clogging and material build-up. It can improve productivity by keeping material flowing, and reduce premature chute failure caused by undesirable material accumulation.

An optional timer assembly can be used to control activation cycles from 10 seconds to 1,000 seconds in duration, with rest cycles from 1 minute and 100 minutes. Best of all, your Deca representative can help you choose the installation pattern, the corresponding vibrator, or activation timing that best suits your operating requirements.

DEH ELECTROMAGNETIC HAMMERS - Why wield a hammer when you can deliver low-frequency high-impact agitation adjusted to exactly the timing you need? These long-wearing Deca linear impact hammers are ideal for material flow and back-up issues experienced with sticky, clingy, or fine materials in cyclones, spray dryers, weigh hoppers, and transfer containers. Durable stator and rotor construction delivers reliable, maintenance-free operation.

SERIES MVSS STAINLESS STEEL ROTARY ELECTRIC EXTERNAL VIBRATORS - The real advantage to MVSS Stainless Steel Rotary Electric External Vibrators is their ability to withstand frequent wash downs. Food-grade 316L stainless steel casings protect units even in caustic chemical wash downs, while IP-66 ingress protection protects the electric motor against strong water jets. This makes the Series MVSS line ideal for use in food, pharmaceutical, and chemical production environments.

With a wide range of vibration frequency and amplitude combinations, and output forces up to 9,700 lbs., this line of rotary electric vibrators provides numerous choices for screening, conveying, compacting or keeping materials flowing in demanding applications.

TV STAINLESS STEEL PNEUMATIC TURBINE VIBRATORS - Not only are these stainless steel body vibrators designed to meet the sanitary environment requirements of food and pharmaceutical applications, but they also operate in high ambient temperature environments up to 250 ºF (121 ºC). They can also be provided as ATEX-certified units on request.

316L stainless steel construction withstands frequent wash downs. Pre-lubricated sealed bearings permit lubrication-free low-maintenance performance at up to 37,500 rpm, for high-frequency agitation that protects against caking, bridging or rat holing with even the finest powders.

The more you know about vibrator requirements, the more you can appreciate the level of detail and insight that goes into selecting and installing the appropriate vibratory solution. Specifying the right unit to provide the necessary vibration frequency and amplitude is the first step. But positioning that unit for maximum impact on material flow, and adjusting it to changing requirements in your application, requires insight gained across a wide range of materials and material handling systems.

If your application requires a specialized vibration product, take advantage of more than 35 years of Deca experience with just about every type of dry bulk material imaginable. Contact a Deca representative to ask about solutions we have recommended for other applications like yours, and to create an engineering review of the right equipment and installation solution for your needs. Call toll free, 866.384.3788, or write to

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