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The Power Lance Drill can be used in conjunction with the Gyro-Whip.
This drill creates the hole from the base of the storage container when completely blocked. Attacking the bridge from underneath, allows material to fall away from the Drill-Head as it cuts requiring less power than drilling from the top.

Since many bridges are only solid in the lower portion of the bin, this drilling method allows the loose material to flow through the hole in the base instead of drilling through the full height of the silo. The Power Lance is driven by compressed air and is remotely controlled. Drilling can be carried out to heights of 36m (120 ft).
Unit of Measure

Minimum Requirement - Pressure

N/A 85 psi

Minimum Requirement - Volume

N/A 45 CFM


N/A 7.125 ft2.172 m


N/A 2 ft0.61 m


N/A 1.83 ft0.562 m


N/A 84 kg185.5 lb

Weight - Frame

N/A 160 lb72.5 kg

Weight - Drill Head

N/A 12 lb5.5 kg

Weight - 5ft Drill Pipe

N/A 13.5 lb6 kg