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If your work involves keeping silos, storage bins and hoppers working efficiently or you manage cost effectiveness and productivity - you need the Pneumatic Whip Bin Cleaning System. The Pneumatic Whip Bin Cleaning System is the safe alternative for cleaning blocked or compacted silos. It is a completely portable, remote-controlled tool that can be lowered into storage containers through a manhole opening. Powered by compressed air, the patented Pneumatic motor uses a variety of whips and cutting edges to knock down even the toughest materials without damaging the walls of the storage bins.
Unit of Measure


N/A 8 ft 7 in 2.61 m


N/A 4 ft1.22 m


N/A 20 ft 6 in 6.25 m


N/A 187 kg411 lb

Vibrator Weight

N/A 18 kg


N/A Easily accomplished by only 2 men. Eliminates blockages and hang-ups or build-ups – faster, easier, and safely. Knocks down solidly compacted materials no matter how difficult or dangerous. Never a need to send a man inside a bin risking injury, burial, suffocation or fatality. Portable/moves easily for use on various sizes and shapes of bins. Power requirements are low and simple. Used world-wide on large or small problems for: Grain and Feed, Cement, Mining, Chemical, and Pulp and Paper Industries. When unexpected blockages occur, the equipment can be put into action immediately. Within 20 minutes you can assemble and start the cleaning process.


N/A Cost effective Fast and easy to use Flexible Portable Reliable Safe


N/A Prevents - reduced storage capacities Prevents container damage Prevents high cost of material blockages Prevents injury and fatality due to workers entering the container Prevents loss of inventory - contamination or infestation