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Item # 18 120 295 L, Brecon Dry Cast Vibrator

Dry cast compaction is the heavy duty task for external vibrators.

Brecon has designed a rugged vibrator to withstand continuous acceleration and break ramps combined with short operation cycles that are required by various dry cast form manufacturers. Such extreme rough applications are ideal for BRECON high quality vibrators to provide their full potential and high reliability. The very specific machinery for dry cast compaction is a costly investment, especially in comparison to the price level of the product output like bricks, tiles, pipes, manholes and cones etc.

  • Rugged Design, High Durability
  • Adjustable Pound Force
  • Used on various types of Pre-cast dry cast forms for block forming, pipe, manhole, offset cone, manhole spacers and flat slab forming systems.
  • Brecon/Bosch long standing reputation of providing quality, competitively priced equipment

Brecon Model 18 vibrators are made for the unique needs of dry cast compaction. They are engineered to withstand continuous on/off cycles required for this application. Don’t trust your expensive dry cast machinery or your product quality to anything less.

The Brecon Model 18 is a heavy duty power-house designed specifically for the needs of dry-cast compaction.

Key Features
  • Adjustable Force
  • Dependable, Brecon Design

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External Dimensions (L x W x H)

350 x 250 x 220 mm

Length of Base (g)

17 x 4 mm

Height of Base (h)

125 mm

Width of Base (e)

250 mm

Distance Between Bolts (i)

100 mm

Distance Between Bolts (b)

200 mm

Diameter of Bolt Hole (d)

17 x 4 mm

Height of Shaft (m)

90 mm


·  Brecon Dry Cast Vibrator (18-120-295-L)

·  Brecon Dry Cast Vibrator (18-120-295-L) - 2