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DI-200S Pneumatic Piston Vibrators also are of heavy-duty construction having a steel body and a hardened steel piston. They are designed so that the piston strikes the base plate of the vibrator and is therefore totally enclosed, not requiring a Damper Kit.
Unit of Measure


N/A 412 mm16.22 in


N/A 180 mm7.09 in


N/A 24 mm0.94 in


N/A 108 mm4.25 in


N/A 17 mm0.67 in

H (No.)

N/A 5/8 (4)

Maximum Impact Rate with Controller

N/A 100

Minimum Impact Rate with Controller

N/A 6

Air Consumption/Impact at 6 Bar 87 PSI

N/A 0.13 CFM3.6 L/min

Power Source

N/A Air

Features & Benefits

N/A Simulates Hammer Blows, High Amplitude, Precise Control - Aluminum Body


N/A Spray Dryer, Weigh Hoppers, Cyclones, & Non Storing Containers - for Wall Thickness 4mm - 8mm

Recommended Bin Wall Thickness

N/A 10 to 12 mm3/8 to 1/2 in

Frequency (Max)

N/A Very Low 6 - 100 Impacts/Min

Inlet Port Size for Air Vibrator

N/A 1/8 in


N/A Piston

Force Applied

N/A Linear Impacting (Hammer)


N/A High


N/A Moderate


N/A Occasional Cleaning

Force Output Adjustment

N/A Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation

Vibrator Weight

N/A 22 kg49 lb

Max. Material in Tapered Portion of Bin

N/A For Wall Thickness 4mm - 8mm


N/A Adjustable Impacts to fit Application Highly Efficient Low air consumption Low Maintenance Powerful Impact Force Pressure Range 60 to 87 psi Quiet Operation Rugged, Dependable & Economical

Frequency (Max)

N/A Very Low 6 - 100 Impacts/Min

Key Features

N/A Adjustable force Four Sizes Available Low Air Consumption Low Impact Frequency (6-100 impacts p/min.) Timers and Controllers are available