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The DECAMVSS Stainless Steel Rotary Electric External Vibrators are special electric motors with both ends of the shaft extended and fitted with eccentric weights, the casings are made of AISI 316L SS. The motor is an asynchronous type and consists of a stator with a low loss magnetic core lamination. This results in high efficiency and a low running temperature for the motor. The windings are wound to Class H insulation and are totally vacuum encapsulated which eliminates the need for anti-condensation heaters. The combination of a drive shaft treated to withstand high stress and the specifically designed oversized bearings enable the units to perform continuous duty with 100% centrifugal force.
Unit of Measure

No. of Poles

N/A 4


N/A 1,500 RPM

Fr. Size

N/A 01


N/A 400 V

C/F at 50 Hz

N/A 76 kg

C/F at 60 Hz

N/A 78 kg

Power at 50 Hz

N/A 85 W

Power at 60 Hz

N/A 95 W

Power Source

N/A Electric AC - 3 Phase 230/460 Volt 60 Hz or 230/400 Volt 50 Hz


N/A 224


N/A 158


N/A 125


N/A 62 to 74


N/A 106


N/A 10

G Diameter

N/A 9

G No.

N/A 4


N/A 67


N/A 52


N/A 111


N/A 102


N/A 128

Gland Size

N/A PG13.5

Ambient Temperature

N/A -30 to +40 ºC

Weight Cover Thickness

N/A 1.2 mm1.5 mm

Weight Cover Material

N/A Stainless Steel

Mechanical Strength

N/A IP 66.7

Shock Resistance

N/A IK08

Eccentric Weights

N/A Clamped stainless steel Lamellar stainless steel

Typical Uses

N/A Compacting Feeding Hopper evacuation Screening

Typical Industries

N/A Industries where protection is required against aggressive substances: Chemical, Packaging, Metallurgical, Plastics, Food Industry etc.

Frequency (Max)

N/A Low - 1,800 (Max @ 60 Hz) - 1,500 (Max @ 50 Hz)


N/A Electromechanical

Force Applied

N/A Rotary


N/A High


N/A Low


N/A Occasional Bearing Replacement

Force Output Adjustment

N/A Eccentric Weight Adjustment

Vibrator Weight

N/A 7.0 kg

Features & Benefits

N/A 316L Stainless Steel Construction - IP 66 Protection


N/A Any Application that Requires Stainless Steel Electric Vibrators - Best used for the Food & Pharmaceuticall Industries

Frequency (Max)

N/A Low - 1,800 (Max @ 60 Hz) - 1,500 (Max @ 50 Hz)