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Item # 18 221 359, Brecon SL Synchronous Vibrator

Brecon is the standard for vibration technology for concrete producers the world over. They are the only manufacturer in the world which produces synchronized external vibrators. What makes this vibrator unique is that unlike non-synchronizing vibrators Brecon SL vibrators have no slip between the rotor and stator. This lack of slip results in perfectly timed rotation from motor to motor.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, these unique properties do not require the use of sensors to run at the exact same speed.

Brecon SL Synchronous Vibration Technology offers Pre-casters of wet-cast concrete the ultimate in vibration control and finished product consistency. All vibrators running Synchronously within 1 RPM of each other puts the ability to control system in the hands of one person. Ultimately providing consistency and repeatability.

  • Large pre-cast, pre-stressing wall panel forms: Hamilton, Helser, and Ratec types
  • Manhole, box culvert, septic tank and customized specialty products: Besser, DelZotto, Fitzpatrick, New Hampton types
  • Double T & beam wet-cast forms: Bonnybrook, Helser types
  • Choice of zones
  • Multiple Vibrators strategically positioned across forms in zones
  • All vibrators controlled by single inverter
  • Choice of zone control
  • Choice of on/off
  • Control of the frequency

Let Deca Vibrator Industries, Inc. show you how.

Synchronous vibrators from Brecon are the ultimate standard in vibration technology for wet-cast and pre-cast operators. These vibrators are built to exacting standards so that every vibrator runs within one RPM of the other. This allows the operator to achieve consistent, predictable results every time.

The Brecon SL series is engineered to exacting standards allowing them to synch to within 1 RPM of each other providing you with consistent product quality.

Key Features:
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Control zone, frequency and on/off
Brecon SL vib motors are made specifically for the demanding needs associated concrete compaction. Because they are built to precision measurements, they synchronize to within 1 RPM making them ideal for powering compaction tables of all types.

  • Uniform Compaction
  • Superior Product Finish.
  • Quicker Compaction Times.
  • Consistent Results & Quality.
  • Reduced Noise and Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Stress on the Surrounding Structure

Things to Think about When Selecting a Vibrator
Calculation of the Centrifugal Forces
  • Contact Deca for help with this critical aspect of vibrator selection.
Vibration Period
  • You’ll need to consider several parameters such as the vibrator strength, the type of concrete, the height of the form and the arrangement of the structure.
Shutterings and Forms
  • The arrangement of your forms and method of vibration desired used has much to do with the results and type of vibration equipment used.
Frequency Converters
  • Frequency adjustment is a critical and necessary function of any complete concrete compaction operation. Choosing the right converter with the proper range will aid greatly achieving your desired results.
Electrical Installation
  • Aside from complying with your state and local electrical standards, it’s very important that your vibration equipment is installed with a vibration-proof cable & motor protection switch.
Noise Reduction
  • Consider your local workplace safety guidelines. To reduce noise, consider enclosing your vibrator.

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125 mm


13 x 4 mm


150 mm


150 mm


185 mm


108 mm


150 mm


70 mm


132 mm


295 mm


·  Control Panel

·  Distribution Box

·  Large Angled Display

·  Radio hand-held Control Remotes

·  SL Vibrator

·  Electrical Vibrator Brecon SL Manhole Application

·  Electrical Vibrator Brecon SL Tilt Table Application