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Deca Grid Top Compaction Tables are supplied as either a Sub Table or a Nested Table. They are typically installed in packaging and filling lines below a bulk filling station in a roller conveyor system. The Sub Table is a Grid Top Vibration Table, which can be integrated into a customers existing Roller Conveyor. The Nested Table consists of a Sub Table and a section of Roller Conveyor.
Unit of Measure


N/A Foundries
Uniform vibration insures even and complete densification of no-bake, air set, and green molding sands in flasks and core boxes. Whether it’s a conveyor line or fixed station, Deca’s Vibration Compaction Tables speed production and insure quality molds every time.

Concrete and Refractories
Pre-stressed, pre-cast, and ornamental applications, especially using very low slump concrete. Fast removal of entrapped air improves surface finishes and insures uniform densification and consolidation. Deca’s Vibration Compaction Tables speed the production of high strength concrete & refractories in all types of forms and molds.

Chemical and Bulk Materials
Densifies, compacts, and settles all types of chemicals and other bulk materials increasing the density of the product. From fine to granular powdered materials, plastic or metal parts, lightweight, flakey materials, or even irregularly shaped parts. Allowing more product per container.

Food and Pharmaceutical Processing
Densifies and compacts all types of food such as fruits and vegetables prior to processing. Dehydrated, frozen and packaged foods. Settling of cereals, nuts, cheese, etc. All types of Pharmaceutical excipients. Food processing and packaging. Increases bulk container volume.

Key Features

N/A Available in small to intermediate sizes Custom designed & Built Customized transport and vibration timing control available. Densifying, compaction, settling & deaerating Digital variable frequency drives for precise frequency control. Flat Top or Grid top models Foundries, Concrete and Refractories, Chemical and Bulk Materials, Food and Pharmaceutical Processing. Standalone or inline systems Uniform vibration