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DPC Series Rotary Pneumatic Vibrators

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  • Portable (Cradle Series) mounting system
  • Frequencies are controlled by air pressure
  • High Force and Amplitudes
  • Amplitude can be changed by adjustable eccentric weights
  • Force Range up to 3,500 lbs
  • Maximum material weight in the tapered portion of a bin = 35,000 lbs
  • Low Maintenance/Long Life
Deca’s line of Rotary Pneumatic Vibrators are compact and lightweight and can be mounted where flow or sticking problems occur. Constructed of high performance materials, the Rotary Pneumatic Vibrators are designed to produce more force for size, weight, and cost than any other pneumatic vibrators available on the market today. Offering durability and ruggedness, Deca’s Rotary Pneumatic Vibrators effectively operate in extreme cold and heat as well as in dirt, dust, and water.

Quiet and efficient Rotary Pneumatic Vibrators create the forces necessary to move your material. Because they are air powered, speed can be adjusted, resulting in a wide range of force outputs. The use of Rotary Pneumatic Vibrators also protect from electrical hazards such as wet environments and wash downs. When material refuses to flow from a bin or railcar; when products are not compacting or flowing properly in a form, mold or material handling system, use Deca Rotary Pneumatic Vibrators.

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Item #

Force Output (Max)

Frequency (Max)

Air Consumption or CFM

Inlet Port Size for Air Vibrator

Force Output Adjustment

Vibrator Weight

Max. Material in Tapered Portion of Bin

Key Features

DPC-35-3500 3,500 lb Low - 3,500 (Max) High 3/8 in Eccentric Weight Adjustment & Air Pressure Regulation 22.7 kg
35000 lb N/A
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