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The F57 and F57L are the Cardox tubes of choice. Quarrying, general open cut excavations, foundation excavations, Trench excavations, tunneling excavations, and concrete demolition all can be made easier. Work close to sensitive areas. The best alternative to conventional dynamite.
Unit of Measure

Nominal Diameter

N/A 34 mm1.3385 in


N/A 1,118 mm44.0156 in


N/A 8.18 kg18.0337 lb

CO2 Charge

N/A 0.60 kg1.3277 lb

Rupture Pressure

N/A 12 tons/in²15 tons/in²1,900 kg/cm²2,360 kg/cm²

Disc Thickness

N/A 2.8 mm3.6 mm0.1102 in0.1417 in

Heater (Chemical Energizer)

N/A D62.5 D77.5

Size of Drilling Bit

N/A 51 mm2.0078 in

Quarrying: General Dimensional Stone

N/A 3 to 20 cubic meters

General Open Cut Excavations: Hard / Medium Rock

N/A 3 to 5 cubic meters

Foundation Excavations: Hard Rock

N/A 0.75 to 1 cubic meters

Foundation Excavations: Medium Rock

N/A 1 to 1.5 cubic meters

Trench Excavations: Hard Rock

N/A 0.6 to 1 cubic meters

Trench Excavations: Medium Rock

N/A 0.75 to 1.5 cubic meters

Tunnel Excavations: Hard Rock

N/A 0.5 to 0.75 cubic meters

Tunnel Excavations: Medium Rock

N/A 0.75 to 1.5 cubic meters

Concrete Excavations: Mass Concrete

N/A 2 to 4 cubic meters

Concrete Excavations: Lightly Reinforced Concrete

N/A 1 to 2 cubic meters

Concrete Excavations: Heavily Reinforced Concrete

N/A 0.75 to 1 cubic meters


N/A Average Yield Per Cardox Tube in cubic meters

Features & Benefits

N/A The Cardox non explosive expansion gas systems can be safely used in sensitive areas. Close to gas, electric, water and other utility services. A directional blasting pressure which is controllable, and a good viable alternative to convention dynamite.
Re-usable, low maintenance cost effective alternative to explosives.
Longer than 50 yrs history of safe operation in all applications.


N/A The Force Vector Inc team strives to evaluate each application to provide the most common sensible, cost effective, efficient solution possible. With the use of the Cardox system to remove major blockages, we sometimes incorporate our air slide systems through Deca Vibrator Industries Inc as the second level of a complete solution to continued blockage re-occurrence. Once the major blockage is remove by Cardox, Air Slides are installed to prevent blockage re occurrence. In the end the ultimate long term blockage or build -up solutions.

N/A Far superior in cost and ease of use compared to expanding grout, mechanical removal equipment and other means of excavation.