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  • 8 Models to choose from
  • Maintenance free – no lubrication required
  • High temperature design – operates in temperatures up to 650°F
  • Alloy steel body design
  • Low to moderate air consumption
  • High vibratory force
  • Compact, yet powerful
  • Low operating cost
Rotary Pneumatic Ring Vibrators DR Series offer superior performance in applications where ball vibrators don't last. Because of their unique yet simple design the Rotary Pneumatic Ring Vibrators give years of trouble free efficient operation. They are maintenance free and require no lubrication.
Rotary Pneumatic Ring Vibrators DR Series generate very high frequencies and centrifugal forces with low air consumption. The high centrifugal forces and frequencies are generated by a high strength alloy steel ring which makes an eccentric movement around a hardened alloy steel center post. This design eliminates accumulated build up from air particles where other vibrators would clog or stop running. The Rotary Pneumatic Ring Vibrators DR Series are used as flow aid devices on bins and hoppers to avoid bridging or rat holing, as well as for screening, compacting, molding dies, and for sorting and separation.

The DR series vibrators offer low cost operation for those who have been disappointed with a ball vibrator performance in the past.

Key Features

  • Low air consumption
  • Suitable for high temperatures
Unit of Measure


N/A 127 mm5 in


N/A 162 mm6.38 in


N/A 95 mm3.75 in


N/A 143 mm5.63 in


N/A 13 mm0.50 in

Vibration (at 5.5 BAR = 80 PSI)

N/A 16,000 VPM

Force (at 5.5 BAR = 80 PSI)

N/A 13,345 N1,361 kg3,000 lb

Air Consumption (at 5.5 BAR = 80 PSI)

N/A 566 L/min20 CFM

Max. Material in Tapered Portion of Bin

N/A 30000 lb

Power Source

N/A Air

Features & Benefits

N/A High Temperature Design (up to 650 Deg F) Low Maintenance, Non Lubricating, Rugged,, & Economical


N/A Small to Medium Bins,Hopper, Pipes Chutes, & Screens - All Types of Materials

Frequency (Max)

N/A High - 16,000 (Max)

Inlet Port Size for Air Vibrator

N/A 3/8 in


N/A Ring

Force Applied

N/A Rotary


N/A Moderate


N/A Moderate


N/A Very Low - Throwaway

Force Output Adjustment

N/A Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation

Vibrator Weight

N/A 4 kg9 lb


N/A Does not accumulate build up from air particles - where other vibrators will clog and stop running Extremely durable - install it and forget it Higher vibratory force Longer Life Low air consumption Low operating costs Maintenance free - No lubrication required Superior performance in applications where ball vibrators just don't last Used in a wide range of applications

Frequency (Max)

N/A High - 16,000 (Max)