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  • Anodized aluminum body
  • Atex Certified
  • 8 Models to choose from
  • Force Range up to 900 lbs
  • Frequency up to 35,000 rpm
  • No lubrication required
  • Maximum material weight in the tapered portion of a bin = 8,900 lbs
  • Operating temperature from 0°C (32°F) up to 199°C (390°F)
  • Moderate noise levels
  • Moderate air consumption

Deca's DBV Series Rotary Pneumatic Ball Vibrators reach frequencies higher than 580 Hz (> 35,000 r.p.m.) and they are used wherever powdery materials have to be moved. The frequency is variable by adjusting the inlet pressure. These vibrators are installed on bins and hoppers to prevent bridging or rat holing, for improved material flow on chutes, and for screening and compacting. The DBV Series are available in eight sizes consisting of an anodized aluminum body inside which a steel ball rotates on a specially hardened and ground steel ring.

Unit of Measure


N/A 65 mm2.56 in


N/A 113 mm4.45 in


N/A 90 mm3.54 in


N/A 16 mm0.63 in


N/A 50 mm1.97 in


N/A 9 mm0.35 in

Vibration (at 6 BAR = 87 PSI)

N/A 19,500 VPM

Force (at 6 BAR = 87 PSI)

N/A 1,076 N110 kg242 lb

Air Consumption (at 6 BAR = 87 PSI)

N/A 280 L/min9.8 CFM

Max. Material in Tapered Portion of Bin

N/A 2420 lb

Power Source

N/A Air

Features & Benefits

N/A Anodized Aluminum Body, Rugged & Economical


N/A Small Bins, Hoppers, Pipes, & Chutes

Frequency (Max)

N/A High - 19,500 (Max)


N/A Ball

Force Applied

N/A Rotary


N/A Low


N/A Moderate


N/A Low

Force Output Adjustment

N/A Controlled Through Air Pressure Regulation

Vibrator Weight

N/A 0.3 kg0.66 lb

Frequency (Max)

N/A High - 19,500 (Max)