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Deca's ST Series Floor Mounted Vibration Test Table is designed for quality assurance testing of electronic components and subassemblies on an individual basis or in a production line as an integral part of the manufacturing process.

Deca offers a low cost, quality assurance capability for product reliability. We manufacture a complete line of Vibration Test Equipment for the electronics/electro-mechanical industries. Typical applications include the removal of production debris such as solder and pigtail residue, the detection of loose or faulty components, poor electrical bonds, and defective solder joints, and the simulation of transportation handling.

Vibration Table includes all Air Fittings, Safety Pressure Relief Valve, Drain Pet Cock Valve, all Pushlock Fittings, and Air Tubing.
  • Dimensions: 24" x 24" Table Top x 36" High
  • Load Range: up to 400 Lbs
  • Force range: up to 2200 Lbs
  • 1 Phase 115Vac or 230Vac 60 Hz Input
Our ST Series vibrating tables are suitable for almost any settling or QC application you can come up with. We’re ready to design and build one specifically for your needs so call today.
Unit of Measure


N/A 24" x 24" Table Top x 38" high

Load Range

N/A Up to 400 lb

Force Range

N/A Up to 2200 lb

Continuous Duty (Type C Vibration Motors) Frequency Range

N/A 10 to 70 Hz

Intermittent Duty (Type I Vibration Motors) Frequency Range

N/A 20 to 150 Hz


N/A 115 VAC230 VAC


N/A 60 Hz


N/A 1 to 15 g

Minimum Displacement

N/A 0.01 in

Maximum Displacement

N/A 0.085 in


N/A Create customer confidence & satisfaction Custom designs to meet your demanding in-house specifications Eliminate costly warranty repairs Increase Product Reliability & Stability Linear or sinusoidal vibration modes

A Short Word about Vibration Testing Tables

N/A Vib tables are used in a large variety of applications. Their primary purpose is the settling or consolidation of materials which are undergoing packaging or sometimes as a production process to improve the quality of the final product as in the case of concrete compaction tables. Most tables consist of a specific type of deck structure, a power system and sometimes a control panel.

Common Applications

N/A Air Removal from Liquids Bulk Bag Compaction Compaction in Boxes, Bulk Bags and Other Containers Concrete Consolidation Densification of Activated Carbon for Filtration Foundry Mold Compaction Laboratory & Research Settling of Metal Powders Vibratory Shakeout System: Ash Powder

Things to Consider When Buying A Table

N/A The Optional Equipment You’ll Need The Power Source Required The Type of Table You Need The Way You’ll Use the Table

Why You Should Choose Deca Tables

N/A Customization: Deca manufactures built to order tables to our customers’ specifications. That means better functionality and greater returns for you. Experience: Deca has a long history in the vibration table business. Our tables are powering some of the world’s most respected company’s processes. Your company can put this experience to work for you. Quality: Deca manufactures each table to exacting standards which have been proven to produce rugged equipment. All the components sourced are from suppliers we know and trust, and who make equally good components. Support: Purchasing equipment from us begins a personal relationship. You are a part of a privileged club: our customers. Our success is directly linked to yours. We know it and our service and support prove it.

Power Supply

N/A Single Phase 115 or 230 volt, 60 Hz


N/A Dial Digital

Load Capacity

N/A 60 lb

Force Capacity

N/A 500 lb


N/A Increase Customer Satisfaction Increased Product Quality Lowered Repair Costs