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Deca's Vacuum Clamp Portable Vibrator is the most versatile portable or removable vibrator on the market today. From blockage clearing to cleaning, from compaction to feeding, with 6 different models and over 30 different vibrators to select from, Deca can recommend and provide the best. Vacuum Clamp Portable Vibrator for your particular application. Portable vibrators are recommended for use on containers where permanent vibrators cannot be mounted or for cost effectiveness where various hoppers or bins having intermittent flow problems occur.

Deca's Vacuum Clamp Portable Vibrator is comprised of one or more powerful suction cups operated by a special vacuum generator incorporated in a robust vibrator mounting plate. Each unit comes complete with hose and on/off valve assembly that controls the vacuum and vibrator separately. Deca's Vacuum Clamp Portable Vibrators have been designed as a means of rapidly attaching pneumatic vibrators to almost any fairly smooth surface such as metal, plastic, cardboard containers, or pipes where vibrators cannot be fixed by conventional means. The vibrator mounting plate can be drilled to accommodate the various vibrators shown on the Selection Chart.

The DCM series is Deca's most versatile clamping system available on today’s market. The DCM utilizes one or more strong suction cups. The system creates a specialized vacuum system along with a robust mounting plate.

This portable vibrator system is ideal for use on containers where permanent mounts can’t be used or where frequent remounting of a vibrator is desired. It creates an easily removable system for mounting and removing your vibrator to the desired mounting point. The DCM mounting system is not limited by your application and has been used successfully used to clear blockages, clean bins and compaction applications. The DCM also comes in six varieties and can be combined with more than thirty different vibrators.
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Item #

Minimum Container Diameter

Minimum Container Flat Surface

Air Consumption (at 6 BAR = 87 PSI)

DCM-10 N/A 110 mm4 in N/A 203 x 76 mm8 x 3 in N/A 56 L/min1.96 CFM
DCM-12 N/A 350 mm14 in N/A 305 x 127 mm12 x 5 in N/A 56 L/min1.96 CFM
DCM-15 N/A 760 mm30 in N/A N/A 56 L/min1.96 CFM
DCM-15D N/A 760 mm30 in N/A 356 x 152 mm14 x 6 in N/A 151 L/min5.3 CFM
DCM-20D N/A 1,525 mm60 in N/A 457 x 203 mm18 x 8 in N/A 151 L/min5.3 CFM
DCM-20T N/A N/A 457 x 457 mm18 x 18 in N/A 168 L/min5.89 CFM
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